I grew up amongst the fields, cows, and chickens of my  parents' homestead in Southwestern Ontario. My journey to find a fulfilling lifestyle and work that I could love led me down various paths, but I was always drawn back to the open spaces of the countryside and my love of nature.

I took my Bachelors in International Development at Guelph, which opened my eyes to many of the inequalities, social, and environmental injustices in the world, and left me with a lasting impression that I would like to do good in my own local community.

After becoming an OCT certified elementary teacher, I was still searching for something more. I began to hear about young people who were getting into organic farming as a career. Growing up in farm country, I had mainly seen farming as the realm of older men, multi-generational families, cash crops and industrial-size animal production. I hadn't realized there was an alternative way of farming where I could find a place, one that was environmentally sustainable and that could be more than a hobby. I was inspired! 

Fate would have it that I then encountered Alex, my future husband. He had already started his own organic farm, and I jumped in with him head-first. Since then, I've been hooked! Farming, and running a farm business, is a mixture of so many things I love; nature, animals, food, writing, teaching, social justice, connecting to a community...and so much more. It isn't just a job to me, but a lifestyle and a calling.

Alex Glazirin

I was born in the ever fertile always beautiful rolling hills of Moldova. The capital city was my home on paper though I always felt at home at my grandparent’s village where I spent every summer. Where for most, village chores seem like a daunting task I took pleasure in most of them, and understood the importance of the ones I didn’t like doing.  I loved going in the garden and snacking on anything that was ripe. The produce my grandparents grew was as fresh as it could be, straight out of the garden, didn’t even need to be washed. We drank fresh milk and ate fresh cheese from their cow and it seemed that food everywhere would taste just as good.  So from an early age I thought I’d come back to the village as a grown man and continue the lifestyle. Fate took a different turn and due to a poor, corrupt and unstable government my family and I came to Canada in search of a better life.

The hardest part I think was adjusting to the food here. The cucumber didn’t taste much like a cucumber I was used to. It didn’t have much flavour or aroma, didn’t have the same  "crunch".  The tomatoes were mealy, and same as the cucumbers, barely any flavour or aroma. Same followed for the bread, the milk, the eggs etc.

Fast forward nine years into the future I was itching to get into growing food. Realizing that there would never be a perfect time to get it started I dropped everything I was doing at the time and jumped right in. Now, I am pursuing my dream of living on the land, and enjoying all the bounty it has to offer and offering the freshness I once experienced as a child to anyone who shares the same attitude towards food as me.