Pasture Raised Chickens                                                    

Our chickens are free-range, pasture-raised, and happy! They live in what is called a 'chicken tractor'. Essentially, this is a chicken coop on wheels. It allows us to move our chickens around our field, so that they can eat up weeds and bugs, as well as fertilize the ground they're on. This is a wonderfully mutual beneficial relationship between us and the chickens! We move them through the field as they eat it up. We also supplement their pastured diet with GMO-free certified organic grain. 

This year, we are raising a flock of 100 ISA Brown chickens. They are a mix of rhode island red and rhode island whites, known as a 'dual purpose' bird suitable for both egg laying and meat. 

Throughout the summer, we sell eggs at our farmstand stand (Fridays and Saturdays) for $5 a dozen. CSA members may sign up for an egg share. Otherwise, it is first come, first served!

In mid-October, we'll sell our chickens whole - fresh or frozen - for $4.50/lb. They are primarily egg-layers rather than meat birds, meaning they are a lot skinnier - about 2 pounds each. They are not the typical roaster you are used to, but they have great flavour and make great soup and stewing birds. Pre-order a chicken ahead of time here.