Pasture Raised Heritage Pork

Our Pigs: pasture-raised, Antibiotic-Free and Non-GMO

Much has been sacrificed by modern industrial agriculture in the face of efficiency. When it comes to pork, that includes animal welfare, sustainability, and taste. We aim to provide an alternative: animals that are raised with respect and care, and given the opportunity to live as natural a life as possible; animal husbandry that relies on natural systems to reduce waste; and heritage breeds which thrive outdoors and produce a meat that is rich and flavourful. 

The Difference:

First and foremost, we believe pigs should be allowed to be pigs! This means getting to roam a pasture and do a pig's favourite kinds of things; rooting, running, digging, wallowing, lounging in the shade. We have 10 pigs who do exactly that. Our pigs are great foragers, and spend most of their day eating grass, weeds, and roots. To supplement their pasture diet, we feed them a locally-produced, non-GMO grain free of hormones and antibiotics, as well as produce from our garden. We also work with local restaurants to deliver food scraps to our pigs. Pigs have been used for centuries to turn a households' waste back into food, and we are happy to continue this ultimate recycling system.

We have 10 Berkshire pigs. This now-rare breed, rejected by industrialized agriculture because of their slower growth, are hardy animals well-suited to Canadian climates. They also thrive on pasture. Raising rare breeds is important for maintaining biodiversity in livestock, as well as producing a superior product. 

Our pork is rich, dark, and full of flavour. It is a huge cut above mass-produced pork marketed as "the other white meat". 

Buying Our Pork 

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Pork will be available in mid-October 2016. Our pigs are butchered at Harriston Packers and processed by J-Mar Custom Meats. Pork can be purchased in three ways: a whole pig, a half pig, or a 25lb package of mixed cuts. You will need approximately 1 cubic foot of freezer space for every 25lbs of meat. Please scroll down to the end of this page for more details. 

We have a limited amount of pork available and accept orders at any time. To reserve your order, please fill out the form here. We ask for a $75-$100 deposit (depending on your order) to help defray processing costs and to reserve your share. 

Pre-orders may be made using our paypal page here. You may also e-transfer us the payment. 

Final payments will be due upon pickup. Please bring cash or cheque. 

On our pork pick-up days, we will also have pork available by the cut! No pre-order is necessary to purchase; just come by by the farm on one of our Pork Pick-Up Days. 

Picking up Your Pork: Pork Pick-up Days

Pork Pick-Up Days for 2016 are Tuesday, October 25 and Tuesday, November 1st. Pickup is from 3:00-6:00. We do not have the freezer capacity to keep pork frozen, so it is integral that you are able to pick up on one of these days. 


Approximately 25lbs of pork. Contains a mix of different cuts. While the packages will vary, you can expect a mix of bacon, chops, ribs, hams, roasts, and sausages. Exact weights of each package will vary, with some being heavier than others. When you come to pick it up, we will give you the price of your individual package.

Cost: $7.60/lb (approx. $190)
$75 deposit required upon ordering.

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Individual Cut Prices: 

Bacon $8.90/lb

Black-Forest Ham (fully cooked) $8.25/lb

Old-Fashioned Bone-In Ham (partially-cooked) $8.25/lb

Ham Steaks $8.35/lb

Breakfast Sausage $8.00/lb

Ground Pork $7.00/lb

Sausage $7.20/lb

Peameal Bacon $14.00/lb

Shoulder/Butt Roast $8.20/lb

Loin Chops $9.00

Smoked Chops $9.50/lb

Butt Chops $8.00/lb

Backribs: $8.00/lb

Side Ribs $7.00/lb


Pigs are sold by their hanging weight (what they weigh after slaughter but before cutting), which is how the butcher charges us. Depending on the final size of our pigs, a half pig has a hanging weight of approximately 80-90lbs. This is an estimate that will vary according to the pig. 

The amount of commercial cuts you take home to your freezer is about 70% the hanging weight. Another 10-15% of the hanging weight are "oddments" (such as tails, liver, fat, bones, etc). 

When choosing a half pig, you are able to customize the cuts you get. We'll get you in contact with the wonderful Melvin at JMar Meats who will lead you through the process and help you decide on the cuts you want to get. You'll be able to choose from an assortment of different cuts, including: 

Bacon, Chops (smoked, fresh, bone in or out, butterfly, loin), Pemeal Bacon, Hocks (smoked or fresh), Ribs, Shoulder Roasts, Butt Roasts, Hams (fresh or cooked), Sausages, and Ground Pork. 

You'll also be able to choose whether you want the oddment cuts, including bones and lard. You can take them or leave them, but we recommend taking everything you can, and then turning to the internet to learn some new and delicious recipes and gain the satisfaction of using all the parts of an animal.

Half Pig Cost: $6.00/lb hanging weight. Depending on the final weight of the pig, you could expect to pay between $450-$550. 

$100 deposit required upon ordering. 

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