CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

Support your local organic farmers and receive a box of veggies picked fresh from the field for 18 weeks from mid-June to mid-October.

What is CSA (In a nutshell)?

CSA can be described as a subscription service for vegetables. You sign up to receive a box of fresh veggies every week for 18 weeks in the growing season. Just like with a magazine subscription, you pay in advance.

What is CSA (Digging a bit deeper)?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a special way for you, a member of our local community, to support us, the agriculturalists! 

When you join our CSA, you are investing in our farm. The money you give us in late winter/early spring allows us to buy our seeds, compost, chickens, pigs, irrigation equipment, row cover, tools, and more. The return for your investment are the vegetables we grow. We pick a selection of fresh veggies from the field for you, for 18 weeks during our growing season (June-October). You can pick these up at our farm, or at the farmers market, at a designated time each week.

CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members. It takes a lot of the financial risk out of farming. Then, when the CSA begins, members can sit back and receive the delicious benefits of the support they have given.

How much does it cost?

CSA members receive a 10% discount on the vegetables they receive each week, compared to our farmers' market prices. We have three different share sizes to accommodate different family sizes and cooking habits, and boxes range from roughly $22-$44 a week. The actual value of each box of veggies is often higher than the weekly cost of a share, especially in the heart of the summer. For example, a small share costs $22 a week, but a box on an August pickup may contain $33 worth of vegetables.

Click here to to see our prices for this season. 

Why join?

CSA is one of the best way to support and connect with your local farmers, and to receive local, fresh and organically-grown produce on a weekly basis. CSA members receive their veggies at a 10% discounted rate. Members also have first priority for all popular vegetables or produce in low supply. CSA provides you with the opportunity to explore new vegetables and expand your cooking horizons. We include recipes with our weekly shares, and other beneficial information to help you make the most of the vegetables we have each week. We also send out a weekly newsletter to our members to let you know what’s happening on our farm. Check out our FAQ to get more details about whether CSA is right for you. 

Benefits for Members:

  • exceptionally fresh, locally-produced, delicious vegetables
  • priority over popular veggies or those in short supply. 
  • a direct relationship with a local farm and the farmers who grow your food
  • a chance to learn about new vegetables, share recipes, and expand your culinary horizons
  • reliable, regular access to quality organic vegetables at a reasonable price
  • the chance to learn more about organic agriculture
  • the opportunity to visit the farm, get to know your farmers and be connected with your food’s origins
  • a chance to share in the abundance as well as the risks inherent in each farming season

Benefits for Farmers:

  • a guaranteed market for farm products throughout the season
  • timely financial support to help cover production expenses
  • the ability to accurately plan what to grow and reduce waste 
  • a close relationship with loyal customers and new friends
  • a means to build strong communities with ties to local agricultural production
  • the ability to share some of the risks inherent in each farming season
  • a great sense of satisfaction through direct contact with the families we help feed